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Sales Service

Service Mission: Integrity • Professional • Efficient cooperation • Heat-to-heart

Pre-sale Service

• Welcome customers to our factory for visit and inspection
• Follow up and notify customers of clear production status and details of the product orders.
• If there are express logistics problems midway, or product damage problems, timely help to contact the logistics and solve the problemQuality assurance, timely update of delivery information and satisfactory delivery

In-sale Service

• Material Recommendations - Recommended suitable coating materials which are available for customer's coating requirements
• Material Confirmation - Accurate specifications or inventory verification of coating material requirements, response quickly
• Specifications Customization - Understand the customization needs of customers and send to our technical department for analysis
Professional and efficient, warm and caring attitude, to serve each client heart and soul

• After receiving the customer's service needs or feedbacks, timely response and deal with the information to customer's satisfaction
• If there is any problem of damaged packaging, lack of product, etc., which are found when receiving the goods, notify our customer service promptly, we will contact to solve the logistics problem or return service
• During the long-term cooperation, if it occurs that the material usage condition is different from the previous stable use, we will provide reason analysis and give solution, after it, if the problems still cannot be solved, we will provide the return serviceCustomer Satisfaction First, Honest Cooperation

After-sale Service