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Introduction of various specifications for ZnS


Zinc Sulfide is mainly divided into ZnS powder, sinter ZnS and ZnS crystal as per its different forms.

Sinter ZnS could be divided into sinter cuboid piece, sinter tablet and sinter granule according to the shapes. It’s mainly made of sintered ZnS powder by hot pressing, general purity reaches  99.99%, mainly used for anti-counterfeiting coating, plating medium film and high-grade decoration coating.

Zinc Sulfide Crystals are prepared and made by physical vapor deposition , purity could reach more than 99.99%. Because Zns crystals precision is higher than sintered ZnS‘s, so crystals could not only be applied on decorative level , but also on optical and infrared coating, like cold light film, optical filter, high-reflective film and infrared film etc.

Zinc Sulfide powder is generally white yellowish, micron particle size, the purity of zinc sulfide powder supplied by us could reach more than 99.5%, particle size is about 1.5 micron . Zinc Sulfide powder mainly could be used for luminous materials, coatings, pigments, plastic modification, brake pad filling and so on .

ATS has been producing zinc sulfide since 1986, from original zinc sulfide powder to sintered tablet and high purity zinc sulfide crystal, ATS has continuously developed new specifications, large output, complete categories and wide range of applications.