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Introduction of Si oxide evaporation materials


In 2004, ATS Optical Material established a production line of silicon oxides, silicon oxide evaporation materials mainly include: SiO, SiO2.


ATS is the manufacturer of developing the new evaporative material SiO earlier  in China. Silicon monoxide film is one of the most commonly used optical films in medium and short wave infrared areas. It is widely used in optical films. It can be used not only for the protective film of aluminum surface reflector, multi-layer reduced reflection film, but also for the reduced reflection film of infrared optical elements.In addition, Silicon monoxide film has a good gas resistance to oxygen, water vapor, odor, etc. It is formed on a plastic film for the packaging of food, drugs, precision electronic components, etc.



ATS is also one of the major manufacturers of silicon evaporation materials in China and can meet your various needs in specifications and quantity.From granular, columnar silicon, to large slice silicon, a complete variety, new specifications include silicon ring.Customers can customize the silica according to the specific size and size provided.Silicon oxide is widely used in the field of optical film coating, usually used in: cold light film; filter; insulating film; glasses coating, UV protection film, etc.



At present, the monthly output of Si oxide of ATS Optical Material can reach 5-6 tons, and is gradually rising; the production technology is in the industry leader. ATS Optical Material has a stable quality, complete specifications, sufficient supply, can provide customers with a variety of choices, timely supply.