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Thin-film thickness and its measurement method


The thickness of thin film is one of the most important parameters of the film, which affects the properties and applications of the film.

The deposition rate is an important parameter in the film making process, which directly affects the structure characteristics of the film.

Key points: Measurement and monitoring of film thickness.

Thickness: refers to the distance between two perfectly flat parallel planes.

Ideal film thickness: the distance from the substrate surface to the film surface.

Because of the microstructure of thin film, it is difficult to define and measure the thickness of thin film.

The definition of film thickness is related to the measurement method and purpose.


Test method for film thickness:

1. Shape film thickness:

Test means and methods: mechanical method (stylus method, micrometer method), optical method (multiple reflection interference method, double fiber interference method), other methods (electron microscope method)

2. Quality film thickness:

Test methods: mass determination (chemical balance, microbalance, torsion balance, quartz crystal oscillation), atomic number measurement (colorimetry, X-ray fluorescence, ion probe, radioactive analysis)

3. Physical film thickness:

Test methods: electrical method (resistance method, capacitance method, eddy current method, voltage method), optical method (interference color method, ellipsometry, optical absorption method)