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Located in Baimi Industrial Zone in Jiangsu Province, 200 km from Shanghai Port with convenient transportation.We are an all-around enterprise since 1986, which is comprehensive in R&D, manufacturing, and sales on optical vacuum materials.Equipped with about 50 sets of modern facilities for the production of evaporation materials. Leader manufacturer of evaporation materials in China.ATS manufactures high-quality vacuum evaporation materials, Infrared and laser materials. Qualified the world certificates such as ISO9001:2008 and SGS, also Purity and Safe Transportation of products certificated in China authoritative organizations.

In 1986

Creation time

50 units

Now we have professional equipment

Main Business

We provide you with optical materials products, while providing solutions and customized services

Evaporation Materials

•Core product range: Infrared laser materials
Products: ZnSe | ZnS
Zinc selenide (ZnSe) In 2011, ATS began to produce Zinc Selenide blank, mainly used for the production of CO2 laser lens; we are one of the major PVD Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) wafer manufacturers in China. Products are mainly sold to domestic market, and also some markets aboard. According to the needs of customers, we are also providing Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) polishing and coating services, for which we are also providing ZnSe lens polished only or also coated nowadays.
Main service areas: Zinc Selenide wafer cold processing / coating manufacturers, CO2 laser lens manufacturers
Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) ATS produces high purity Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) crystal, which is widely used in the field of infrared coating.

Infrared Laser Materials

•Core product range: Optical coating materials - Compounds
Products: ZnS | Ti3O5| SiO2 | SiO | ZrO2 | TiO2 | TiO | Ti2O3 | LaTiO3 | MgF2 | Al2O3 | Ta2O5 | ITO | ZnSe | Nb2O5 | Coating Material Mixture |Waterproof material, etc
ZnS is the first vacuum coating material product of ATS, which was earliest put into production in 1986;grown with the development of the market, ATS keeps developing and producing new optical materials of a complete range of specifications, which are widely used in vacuum coating filed. Our products are sold at home and abroad, and mainly exported to Europe , United States, Japan, South Korea and other foreign markets, of which we have established a long-term relations of cooperation with our customers. At the same time, the quality and capacity of our core products, such as ZnS, Ti3O5, SiO and ZrO2, etc, are in the leading position in the industry.
Main service areas: optical coating, LED / OLED / semiconductor coating, glasses coating, security coating, colorful glass coating, decorative coating,lighting.

• Other optical materials
Products: tungsten wire | crucible | evaporation boat | target
ATS works with high-quality suppliers of target and coating accessories to provide customers with one-stop purchasing service.
Main service areas: Coating industry.

Other Optical Materials

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